About Highland

The Purpose of Highland

The Purpose of the Highland Church is to call all people to God. The God we call people to is most perfectly seen in Jesus Christ. Our task is to imitate Him. We commit ourselves through the power of the Holy Spirit to be God’s living expression of Himself on earth.

The Mission of Highland

The Mission of the Highland Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who prayerfully join together in missions, ministry and worship.

Where to Find Us


425 Highland Avenue

Abilene, TX 79605



phone: 325-673-5295

fax: 325-673-4965





Abilene’s first Church of Christ began in 1903 when a group of 27 adults gathered in the old Taylor County Courthouse to organize a congregation. These Christians had been recently encouraged in gospel meetings held by preachers from Tennessee. New converts were made in Abilene and baptized in a local creek. The group referred to itself as the “local congregation.” In 1928, many members moved with Abilene Christian College to its present location on the Northeast side of Abilene. About 50 chose to stay in the center of town and they formed the S. 5th and Highland Church of Christ in 1929, and the Highland Church of Christ has been meeting at that location ever since.