Highland has a new congregational care system that has been specifically designed to try and better facilitate following God's desire for us to care for one another. With a church as large as Highland, we all need to take part in the caring for and loving of one another. Part of the Restore Highland vision is for every person to have a small group of people that they are in community with, one that meets regularly throughout the month. Share your life with those people that you feel connected to at Highland. Share with your Restore Highland Group, your Bible class or ministry team that you serve with. Recognize the love and care found within these groups as an expression of God's love. 

If you're still looking to join a Restore Highland Group, please email 

God believes in us as a body of Christ. He calls us to care for others in His name. As you grow in the knowledge and understanding of His never-ending love for you, share with one another. Express His love by caring for one another. When you are hurting, joyful or in any need, please tell a brother or sister at Highland. Communication allows for our body of believers to help express God's love for you.



This new system is built upon the hope and expectation that we will care for one another within the context of one of our Table Communities: Restore Highland Groups, Bible classes or ministry teams. Elder teams, the Counseling Center, the care team, the funeral teams and financial assistance serve as resources to these different communities. The Care Navigator, Dickie Porche, helps direct smaller groups and those who are not in a group toward needed resources. The Navigator may also direct information toward the Table Community when it is necessary.

Care Contacts

Each Table Community will have one or two members designated to pay special attention to pastoral needs within the group and to be the contact person for the Congregational Care System. These individuals will recognize needs within the group that might be best met by an elder, minister or counselor and will serve to facilitate these connections. 

Counseling Center

The Highland Counseling Center is a helpful resource to provide professional care and direction during times of pain or transition. Our counselors/therapists are local professionals who collaborate with us to provide exceptional care at a convenient location and an affordable price. Care Contacts, elders and ministers may use the Counseling Center as a resource when walking alongside a member or friend. The Counseling Center may be contacted directly by calling (325) 201-3030 or by visiting 238 Sayles Boulevard. 


The Navigator will serve as a conduit of communication for the congregational care system. The goal of this position is to not execute all of the acts of care, but rather facilitate communication to allow members of our body to take care of one another well. Dickie Porche currently serves as the Navigator and is able to be reached at or by calling (325) 673-5295.

Financial Assistance

Highland has the ability to respond to financial needs in a few different ways. If you or a member of your Table Community is facing a financial crisis, please reach out to your community, Dickie Porche or Becky Almanza ( Highland's food pantry, Christian Ministries of Abilene, is located at 701 Walnut Street and is open during the following times:
Monday & Friday - 9:30-11:30a & 1-2p
Thursday - 6-7:15p