The After Party: A Pop-Up Class & Group Resource

April 7, 10:00 am - May 12 - 11:00 am  |  Room 111

What comes to mind when you think about “politics”? Do you get angry? Are you exhausted when you even think about the word? Disillusioned about the future? You aren’t alone. And most importantly, how do we as followers of Jesus represent him well as disciples in public, as well as with one another?

As a way to answer this question, Highland is excited to engage in the After Party, a free curriculum created by the folks at Redeeming Babel. Participants begin the course by exploring common identities that prevent Christians from adopting the posture of a disciple in their political engagement. The After Party calls Christians to move from their particular starting point toward the posture of a disciple – a “learner” who views Jesus as their primary teacher.

This course is available to Bible class leaders and small groups alike, but will also be offered in a series of pop-up classes beginning Sunday, April 7th and continuing until May 12 at 10am in Room 111.

If you have any questions, please email