Jail and Prison

Highland Jail & Prison Ministry

Highland’s efforts to Restore Abilene includes an emphasis on those affected by incarceration and addiction. This emphasis begins with connections made by volunteers inside the Taylor County Jail and the surrounding French Robertson and Middleton Prisons Units. These connections happen during Bible studies and worship services and continue when an inmate gets released. The relationship continues through Sunday morning worship at Highland, Wednesday night worship at Grace Fellowship and Freedom Fellowship, and a network of support provided both by Highland members and outside entities.

The ministry to those incarcerated at the Taylor County Jail is active and effective by a Religious Advisory Board established in 2010. This Board coordinates 13 area churches to lead weekly worship services, conduct baptisms and hold a weekly New Converts’ class at the Jail. The Religious Advisory Board is a group of volunteers who act as liaisons between the TCJ Religious Volunteers and the Sheriff and his administration staff. As a result, baptisms of men and women are as high as 230+. Additionally, the Board coordinators worship services at the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility (SATF) across from the Taylor County Jail.

Highland members have been actively involved in Jail and Prison Ministry for over 30+ years. Since 2016, several Highland members are serving as Taylor County Volunteer Chaplains and are allowed to have one-on-one visits with inmates. Since 1994 and prior, many Highland members have been involved with the Big Country area State Prisons, the French Robertson Unit and the Middleton Unit surrounding Abilene. Highland members are able to offer regular large and small group Bible Classes during the week and host regular church worship services on Sundays, baptizing men weekly.

Volunteer Opportunities

For more information on how you can be a part of the Jail and Prison Ministry, email becky@highlandchurch.org.


State Prison Units: Varies for each Prison Unit and state approval is required.

Taylor County Jail: Application, Background Check and Volunteer Training required.