Mission Statement

We exist to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ who prayerfully join together in missions, ministry, and worship.

Highland’s Purpose

The Purpose of the Highland Church is to call all people to God. The God we call people to is most perfectly seen in Jesus Christ. Our task is to imitate Him. We commit ourselves through the power of the Holy Spirit to be God’s living expression of Himself on earth.

Highland’s Vision

Highland’s vision is called A Restoration Movement. It has three tenets, to restore Highland, restore Abilene, and restore the world. We believe when we join in the mission of restoring all things, then we are embracing our true identity as the Body of Christ. Below you can read what initiatives we are specifically focusing on in each tenet of the vision.

Restoration Initiatives

Re|newed hospitality: The South Foyer project, remodeling the south foyer and restrooms. In 2021, a group of young families had a bold dream of creating a welcoming entrance, offering hospitality to their children and for the children of our city.

Re|vive ourselves to discipling and evangelizing the next generation

– We have partnered with Fuller Theological Seminary in prioritizing students and young adults in every area of our congregational life. Each year, we will undertake 2 Growing Young initiatives that will help our church welcome and serve all people.

– Engage Abilene and spiritually form Highland beyond Sunday morning through podcasts, social media posts, viral storytelling.

Re|kindle Rekindle the fire of evangelism

– We will engage in different Connection Events, by expanding the small group ecosystem to include evangelism incubators, male and female affinity groups, and one new expression of church for young adults at Highland.

Re|vealed Transformed by Revelation 7- All nations, tribes and peoples are gathered together at the heavenly banquet.

-We will be transformed by the inclusion of women in every aspect of leadership at Highland.

-We will commit to concerted effort to reflect the demographic make-up of Abilene through intentional staff hires and platform representation.

Re|deem: Commit to spending approx. $500,000 on a Restore Abilene yet-to-be-determined project(s)

Re|fresh: Commit to combat food scarcity in Abilene through mobile food providers

Re|birth: Commit to partnering and promoting local organizations focused on child advocacy and protection- a new expression may include CASA, Foster Family Support and Care, or Foster 325.

Re|new: Expand ministries at Freedom, Grace, and Community Ministries of Abilene. Develop community centers for the neighborhoods around Highland campuses, providing opportunities for lifelong learning, teaching, mentoring, fellowship and fun.

Re|store -Welcome the homeless in Brazil by working more closely with the Itu church and the Crescimento Limpo ministry there.

-Combat Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia by partnering with missionaries doing church planting, and organizations working on prevention and liberation/after-care.

-As we work to make peace in the Muslim-majority world, we serve as partners with Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon. Currently we support the work of Khebz W Maleh, which means “Salt and Bread,” as they create a space where Christian and Muslim teens meet regularly to share meals together, learning that in God’s world, differences can draw people together rather than keeping them apart.

-In addition to our current initiatives, commit to a yet-to-be-determined partnership to continue our commitment to Restore the World, focusing on refuge care or similar emphasis.

Ready to Join?

A Restoration Movement has ways for you to join in God's restoration work. Click on the images below to learn more about how to join our vision.

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