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  • The Avenue
  • How to Die
    For the longest time, Christians were known not for what they believed, not for how big their buildings were, but for their ability to die well for the sake of others.   What would the world be like today if Christians didn't fear death? If we loved even when it was dangerous? If we didn't let the fear get in the way of the work of God? This is a series about living well, dying well, and what comes after that. If you've ever thought or wondered about death than this series is for you.
  • Education Initiative

Service Times


First Service (a cappella) – 8:30 am

Bible Class – 9:45 am

Second Service (instrumental) – 11:00 am

Highland’s Vision

Highland’s Vision is called A Restoration Movement. Its goals are to Restore Highland, Restore Abilene, and Restore the World. You can learn more about all the ways we want to partner with God in making that happen here.

Watch Online

If you want to watch online follow the link below. If you’ve never used livestream before, you’ll have to create an account. It’s free and your facebook account will work.

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