Children’s Ministry

The purpose of the His Kids Ministry is to join God as he calls all children to him through Jesus.

Highland Student Ministry

The Highland Student Ministry wants to be a place to belong. Our students and families are striving to know God, love others, welcome all and live like Jesus.

University Ministry

Highland’s University Ministry’s vision is that young men and women would choose to commit their lives to becoming disciples of Jesus Christ, that is for Christ to be formed in them.

Discipleship Ministry

Highland believes we are created with an innate drive to live in community with each other, and that through our relationships with each other, our relationship with God is strengthened. What we’re trying to do at Highland is create the kind of community that allows people to invest in each other, helping one another into a closer relationship with Christ.

Worship Ministry

Worship is a verb. It requires action and investment. Worship is one of the greatest ways we have of speaking truth into the spiritual realm and reminding ourselves of  those same truths. Worship is adoration. Worship calls for transparency. To be honest, all of life should be a worship offering to our Father.

Community Ministry

Highland’s Community Ministry serves to oversee and coordinate all of our outreach efforts in and around the city of Abilene.


A missional church is more than being mission-minded or mission-oriented. A church is not a place but a people who participaite in the mission of God in the world. Highland as a missional church represents the reign of God as a community of faith, living as a servant to the world and as a messenger of light to the darkness.

Congregational Care

Keep up to date with the prayer concerns of people at Highland. If you would  like to be added to this list, please email