Highland Worship Ministry


Worship is a verb. It requires action and investment. Worship is one of the greatest ways we have of speaking truth into the spiritual realm and reminding ourselves of  those same truths. Worship is adoration. Worship calls for transparency. To be honest, all of life should be a worship offering to our Father.


When a large group of people gather to worship there are likely many different perspectives and stories. Only the Holy Spirit can truly guide us in unity as we worship the Father. The Holy Spirit is the true worship leader. Our job as church worship leaders is to lean completely into His leading. We cannot force anyone to worship, all we can do is stand in the doorway and invite people into the presence of the Living God. What an honor! What a joy! What a profound burden!


Our worship ministry participants are challenged to view themselves as worship leaders…not just back-up singers to the worship leader. Therefore, we have a tremendous responsibility to come prepared, to lead with great conviction and feeling, and to exhibit lives that reflect the glory of the Lord. I’ve always said, “The best way to be an effective worship leader is to just be a devoted worshipper.”


Worship is contagious. When it breaks out, none of us are in the spotlight…there is only one audience and that is God. Our goal is to lift up the name of Jesus…to make ourselves less so that He may increase! Our teams pray for you each week, in heartfelt ways, to be drawn by the Spirit into deep worship each time we gather.


If you are interested in participating in this ministry as a praise team singer, choir member, instrumentalist, actor, reader, artist, or in any other creative way, please contact Michael Stanford at michael@highlandchurch.org for ways to get involved. We believe that God raises up men and women for specific leadership roles and we want to be a place where people can serve the Lord using their gifts to lead people in worship. We are also always interested in those who have sound or media experience.


Our main hope in the Highland Worship Ministry is that Jesus would be magnified by the things we do and that we could infuse our gatherings with creativity and beauty as we honor the Living God.